Are you having a “Jungle Fever” Birthday Party? Here are some ideas for you and your guests…

Transform the party guests into lions, zebras, elephants, tropical birds or other wild animals – don’t bother with the face painting as all children attending a Jungle Fever party at Making It! will get a “jungle” makeover.

Make animal ears out of felt and glue or staple onto plain headbands (very cheap from Claire’s Accessories).
Wrap headbands in strips of brown, green or orange paper, depending on the animal you want to be.

Simple (no sew) Animal print tunic (material available from Sally Twinkles, Leeming Street, Mansfield) ……….  measure your child from the neck down as far as you want the costume to go and double the length – 36” wide will do for this – cut a hole in the middle to go over the childs head and fasten at the waist with a belt or cord or a spare strip of the fabric.  If the fabric is 60” wide then buy enough for the length of the front of the tunic -–cut the width in half (30”) and join the two pieces (sewing involved here though).  The join will be the neck edge .

Create a Giraffe costume – cheap yellow leggins /t shirt from Primark – cut out brown felt shapes and stick onto the clothes.  Make horns from a brown covered headband, wrap two pipecleaners around this and attach two cotton balls to the top.

Any animal can be created with leggins/t shirt in the colour most appropriate, sticking shapes on you could be a snake, gorilla, lion, tropical bird – use fabric paint instead of felt, feathers, plastic jewellery, fake fur / leather for scales and spots.

Dress as Tarzan & Jane – use shorts & t shirt for Tarzan (mess up your hair) and put brown smudged makeup on your arms and legs – Jane could wear a wrap around skirt and cropped top.
Have fun creating your “Jungle Fever” animal or character.

Download Jungle Fever Fancy Dress Ideas (PDF)


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